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Door Repair and Replacement in Watertown, WI

We’re Here to Handle Your Exterior Door Repair and Installation

Whether it’s from old hardware, a damaged frame, or peeling paint, your front and back doors deserve fast, dependable service. Our professional team can repair and replace anything from sliding glass doors to steel and wood front doors, porch doors, and more.

We want to ensure your home always remains safe and secure. With 20 years of experience and an A+ BBB rating, we are one of the best door repair companies in Watertown, WI. 

Our expert contractors can repair any type of broken door or handle a complete replacement of your front or back door.

Door Repair Services

We offer door repair for all types of exterior doors. Common issues we help our customers resolve are:

  • Damaged weather stripping
  • Damaged door jambs
  • Broken, splintered, or damaged door frames 
  • Rotting or soft wood
  • Cracked or broken door glass 
  • Squeaking door 
  • Torn screen replacements
  • Broken door hinge repair 

We can repair any problem you may encounter with your exterior door. Sometimes, this requires new hardware. We’ll order it for you, and while we wait for the new parts to arrive, we’ll tightly seal your door to prevent weather damage and secure your home.

Door Installation

Sometimes, a door may be too old or damaged to repair. Or you may be upgrading your home and want to install new doors to enhance its appearance. In either case, our services offer front door, back door, and patio door installation to improve your home’s design and security.

Front Entry Doors

Your front door is the first thing you and your guests see. Make an impact and keep your home protected with a premium front door that perfectly fits your home’s exterior design.

A new front door can also brighten your entrance and make your foyer or entryway look more inviting.

We consider several factors when installing front entry doors for our customers, including:

  • Style
  • Material
  • Hardware
  • Paint, finishes, and stains
  • Door knob and knocker
  • Double front door designs (dogtrot houses)

Benefits of New Front Doors

There are several reasons why you may decide to upgrade your front door, such as:

  • Greater security. A new front door can have reinforced hardware and a better design that keeps everyone inside safe. 
  • Better energy efficiency. When we install a new door, we ensure it has a tight seal and proper weather stripping that prevents drafts. 
  • Higher property value. A new front door has an average return on investment of 75%, so it’s a great upgrade for those that plan to sell in the future.
  • Lower maintenance costs. When a front door constantly keeps popping open, sticking, or making noise, you have to routinely invest in repairs that never quite work. A replacement can eliminate all your frustrations while saving you money. 

Patio Doors

If you want to install a patio door in your Watertown home, then AAA Roofing & Exteriors can handle every phase of the project. We can help you find the best patio doors for your home, or we can install a door you’ve already purchased. 

A new patio door should be completely secure while giving you a wonderful view of your backyard. The ideal patio door has weatherized, strong glass that doesn’t lead to drafts or increase your home’s energy bills.

No matter what your home’s architectural style may be, we can provide patio door installation that harmoniously blends into your existing design. 

Benefits of Installing a New Patio Door

Fix Damage From DIY Door Repairs

We know that the internet offers a lot of great advice, but it can also make it seem as though anyone with the right tools can perform door repair jobs. This leads to homeowners unintentionally causing more damage to their property and even damaging frames and floors in the process.  

A door may be straightforward in use, but repairing one or installing one is from simple. There are important preventative measures to take before you start working on a door to protect your home’s structure and your safety. 

There are also different types of hardware you will need to know how to repair or install a door. Using the wrong parts or improper technique can actually lead to more extensive and costly damage.

Rather than spending money on all the tools and equipment you need to repair your door, let us handle it. We bring everything to get the job done with us, and all of it is factored into your total cost of the repair.

Get a Free Estimate From a Door Repair Expert

Have a question about how much a door repair costs? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We provide personalized, free estimates that can help you plan your budget for your next repair or installation. Please contact us today to request a quote from an experienced home exterior expert.

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